Harmony BellyDance Company is based in Victoria, BC, Canada and is directed by Candace Aldridge Sanchez. We are located at 734 Aldebury Street, Suite #209 in Harmony Dance Studio. Candace offers classes Level I through to Level 3, Advanced and the authentic teachings of American Tribal Styles. She performs with her troupes Ruby Ruffles and TangleWood throughout Vancouver Island, the lower mainland and is now performing as a solist and with her troupes internationally. She hosts two Annual Student Shows a year in the Spring and Christmas time.

Candace has now had the honor of hosting grand weekend events and Gala Shows with Superstar talent within the BellyDance World. She has brought to Victoria BC the incredible talents of many brilliantly talented women. It all started with the talents of Samantha Hasthorpe Emanuel in 2007. After three straight years of hosting Samantha, Candace was able to bring the illustrious and supreme talents of Mira Betz. Mira has now become Candace's Mentor and one of her main teachers in this dance form. To follow would be the fierce and feisty Martina Crowe Hewitt and then the elegant, graceful, beauty, Kami Liddle. In the year 2014, Candace would host two of her most influential teachers of all time, Mardi Love and Rachel Brice. As this time, Candace hosts Mira Betz annually each year during the last weekend of September and then one other Star in the Spring.

Celebrating her Fourteenth year of Belly Dancing, and eleventh year of instructing, Candace focuses on building and teaching a solid dance form and foundation, and integrates all styles into her dance: Tribal Fusion, Dramatic Fusion, Contemporary American Tribal Style and more. Browse the site to learn more about Harmony BellyDance Co., classes and bellydance events in Victoria, all over Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Seattle and Oregon.

Candace travels the World to receive as much training as she possibly can. She believes that there is no end to her learning as a student herself or as a teacher. To always come to the classroom with fresh and new ideas about movement, the way the body works, how we all learn as individuals is always forever ebbing and flowing from one moment to the next. To dance on the stage with the constant understanding that she is beyond lucky and fortunate to do everyday that she is so passionate about and share with others that same passion and knowledge is a part of her wildest dreams. Knowing that to continue on this very path will bring to her all the joy, love, wisdom and happiness that she could ever ask and hope for.


"Every day is a gift, never forget to live your dreams to the fullest and never let anyone, especially yourself tell you that you cant do it! You can do ANYTHING...the most important people in my life have been telling me that for as long as i truly can remember!"


Huggs can cure ALL problems! Huggs are always full of Love!

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Harmony BellyDance Co. Christmas Show 2015
November 9, 2015

Well here we are, another year gently coming to an end. We've had lots of amazing adventures here at Harmony BellyDance Co. International workshops with the talented Kami Liddle and Mardi Love. New Babies born into the company of dance, baby Harley to Candace and newest baby Ebrima born to Cara. A delightful Spring student show, wonderful community events and now to end it all off with a bang, our Annual Christmas Student Show. Keep reading to find out more....
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2015 Registration OPEN ~ New Sessions starting January 5th 2015
December 29, 2014

So excited to announce that class start back up next week. Here is the schedule at a quick glance. 2015 Schedule January thru February (all classes 8 weeks long except Monday is 7 weeks) Monday: Jan 5 - Feb 23 (No Class Feb 9th - Family Day) $105 Tuesday: Jan 6 - Feb 24 $120 Wednesday: Jan 7 - Feb 25 $120 Thursday: Jan 8 - Feb 26 $120 Saturday: Jan 10 - Feb 28 $120 Level 1, 2, 3, Advanced, American Tribal Style and Bellyfit® + Bellyfit® Flow Please email me at candace@harmonybellydance.com for further information and to register. Classes are already filling up so make sure you sign up today! Cheers and Happy New Year!!!
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