Harmony BellyDance Company is based in Victoria, BC, Canada and is owned and directed by Candace Aldridge Sanchez. We are located at 734 Aldebury Street, Suite #209 in Harmony Dance Studio. Candace offers Classes Beginners through Advanced teachings in Modern Fusion BellyDance, the Jamila Format, American Tribal Style and Bellyfit®. She performs with her troupes Harmony Dance Co. and TangleWood throughout Vancouver Island, the lower mainland and is now performing as a soloist and with her troupes internationally. She hosts two Annual Student Shows a year in the Spring and Christmas time.

Candace has been hosting some of the biggest superstar talent throughout the Fusion BellyDance World since 2007. Starting her hosting endeavours for many years with the talents of Samantha Hasthorpe Emanuel, she then found and fell in love with the brilliant, illustrious and supremeness that is Mira Betz. Mira has now become one of Candace's main mentors in he studies as a dancer and she hosts her here in Victoria, annually in the fall each year. She has also had the honour of bringing the fierce, fiesty, powerhouse Martina Crowe-Hewitt and the elegant, graceful, powerful Kami Liddle to date. In the year 2014, Candace would host two of her most influential teachers of all time, Mardi Love and Rachel Brice. Mardi Love has become a beautiful reminder of old times past and a regular here in Victoria as well. Hosting at least one major event yearly, always keep your eyes open for what Candace might have in store here on this gorgeous island they call home, you just never know what might happen and who she might bring.

Candace continues to travel to the U.S. to study with many different teachers to keep herself diverse in dance movement, study and knowledge. Her second and very equal mentor is Suhaila Salimpour. She met and started training with Suhaila nearly at the beginning of her dance life but would start studying with her intensively in and around 2007. She holds her certification in both formats. She is Suhaila Level 2 and Jamila level 2 certified. She has her sites set on a back to back level training in both formats in the Summer of 2018. Candace also trains yearly in the American Tribal Style format with either Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman or Christine Adams. She holds her certification in the American Tribal Style Format and Teacher Training.

Celebrating Candace's nineteenth year of Belly Dancing and sixteenth year of teaching, she is one of Victoria's most renowned and experienced Belly Dance teachers and Performers. Candace believes that every woman should have the opportunity to feel like the Goddess she is and this philosophy shines through in both her Belly Dance and Bellyfit® classes. her masterful understanding of how the female body moves and her intuitive understanding of what the female soul is craving through movement, make her a huge asset to the Victoria Community!

She believes that there is no end to her learning as a student herself or as a teacher. To always come to the classroom with fresh and new ideas about movement and the way the body works. That how we all learn as individuals is always, forever ebbing and flowing from one moment to the next. To dance, to perform, to share with a constant understanding and all knowing that she is beyond grateful and blessed. To do everyday what she is so passionate about and share with others that same passion and knowledge is a part of her wildest dreams. Knowing that to continue on this very path, will bring to her all the joy, love, wisdom and happiness that she could ever ask and hope for.

Candace spends her days with her two magical babes and can be found covered in earth in and amongst her beautiful gardens at home.


If you are looking to embrace, nurture and express your fabulous Feminine Goddess self through dance and play, Sign up Today for a class that sings to your soul!


"Every day is a gift, never forget to live your dreams to the fullest and never let anyone, especially yourself tell you that you cant do it!"

You can do ANYTHING!

...the most important people in my life have been telling me that for as long as i truly can remember!


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Harmony BellyDance Co. ~ Things are Changing
August 15, 2017

It should come as no surprise that after seventeen years of Belly Dancing, fourteen years of teaching and six years of owning Harmony Dance Studio that things are about to change. Well that's not true, things are always changing, yes?! Well they are for me, sometimes I see it and feel it all happening and sometimes things change and it simply takes 'Me' time to catch up. Well that is what is happening right now, i'm catching up to all that has changed and all that needs to change. Are you curious? I sure am......click on the link and follow me through this new journey or happily continued journey, if you may
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Scarlet Lux Coming to Victoria on October 14/15th 2017
August 15, 2017

Candace is over the moon to be hosting the super delicous duo that is, Scarlet Lux. Sally and Angelina are one of the hottest, dynamic and beyond talented Belly Dance companies on the lower mainland and they are coming here!!!! A weekend packed with workshops taking us into our past, weaving us through time, connecting us to our bodies, embracing music, diversity, the mesmerizing tones of finger cymbals and their own individual knowledge and specialties in this dance form. Topping the weekend off with a good ol evening hafla, for all to come and dance, share and connect our community! Sign up Today!! Spaces are limited! Continue Reading to find out more about Scarlet Lux....
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