Events > East Side Hipe presents Bozenka (Feb 11 - 13, 2011)
  • Event: East Side Hipe presents Bozenka
  • Date: Feb 11 - 13, 2011
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Contact: Leona and Nina
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East Side Hips presents Bozenka
February 11-13, 2011, Vancouver, BC
The Peretz Ctr, 6184 Ash St
Moberly Arts and Cultural Ctr, 7646 Prince Albert st.

Friday February 11    Masters Class
Moberly Arts and Cultural Ctr, 7646 Prince Albert St.
7:30-9:30pm   Classical Egyptian Technique and Combinations
Take your dancing to the next level with intricate and challenging hip technique that will enhance your performance. Learn to identify the subtleties found in classical music and how to interpret them with nuances and gestures of the body. Special attention to body language and facial expression will take place in this unique class with exercises to help dancers unleash new ways of interpreting the music.

Saturday and Sunday - at the Peretz Ctr, 6184 Ash St

Saturday, February 12
10:30-12:30   Every Shimmy in the Book
This class will focus on learning different types of shimmies and the mechanics of each particular one. Each shimmy makes the body move differently and creates a different look and feel. Bozenka will demonstrate and guide students on how these shimmies may be combined for drum solos. Students will learn an amazing variety of shimmies plus discover secrets to making their shimmies visually powerful yet relaxed. This is a very upbeat and dynamic class. Get ready for a real fun workout!

1:30-3:30   Latin/Arabic Fusion Combinations
Learn how to put your Salsa, Mambo, Cha-Cha and more into your belly dancing. This moderately paced class will teach you simple and flavorful combinations to incorporate into your own dance routine. (An Original Latin-Arab Fusion Choreography can be taught in this course if requested and if time allows)

Sunday, February 13
10:30-12:30   The Bozenka Experience
Let yourself be inspired, entertained and challenged in this upbeat master class with Bozenka. Students will learn three beautiful combinations filled with Bozenka?s Signature moves that they can apply to their own dance repertoire. Instruction will be given on immaculate and dynamic hip technique, graceful and fluid upper body posture and stage presence. Bozenka is known for challenging students while bringing out the best in each dancer at their individual level.

1:30-3:30   Graceful Arms and Hands
This class will help dancers create beautiful and harmonious arm and hand movements while dancing. A variety of proper arm positions will be discussed along with exercises to release tension in your hands and wrists for that relaxed look. Complete focus will be dedicated to perfecting your arms and hands. With special tips on body language and expression this class is sure to get you ready for any upcoming performance.

Workshop Fees     After January 15th
Masters Class $70 $90
½ day $60 $75
Full day $95 $110
Sat/Sunday $160 $175
Full weekend $225 which includes master?s class, weekend workshops and show. Limited to the 15 participants
Weekend workshops and show ticket $170 limited to first 30 registrants


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