Events > Scholarship Program - Harmony BellyDance Company (Feb 28 - Dec 31, 2013)
  • Event: Scholarship Program - Harmony BellyDance Company
  • Date: Feb 28 - Dec 31, 2013
  • Location: Harmony Studios & Alternative Healing, 734 Aldebury Street, Suite #203
  • Contact: Candace Sanchez (Phone: 250-858-0825)



New through Harmony BellyDance Company, we are now offering a scholarship program to the students of HBDC. Starting January 2013 through the rest of this year we are offering students the chance to have some help with their dance training. Life isnt always easy, there is change, loss of jobs, loss of life, hard times, we become students, economical times change and so here at Harmony BellyDance, we want to help out! Please continue to read on if you are interested more in our program or know of someone who may be in need of assistance :)

It has always been my strongest belief that in times of hardship it is the things that we love to do, our passions that we need the most. However, how ironic that generally speaking in hard times, loss of jobs, big changes in life, The first thing that we have to let go of is those very passions. Those passions that keep us sane, that fill our hearts and souls to the fullest, that bring us happiness and help really make us full as human beings. They keep us happy AND healthy all at the same time! So, WHY then when we need it the Most should we have to stop? Well, I say, You Dont! It is my goal to ensure that all of my students that wish to dance ARE able to do so no matter their economical situation or difficulties taking place on the home front! Why? Because I can! Its as simple as that! It has always been important to me to extend out to those that I know and care about, friends, family, students alike and in this way I can even more, always, as long as I am here teaching :)

So, starting this New Year 2013, January, in our first session kicking it all off after the birth of my New Beautiful Daughter, Blaise there were three recipients that I knew could use a little extra help :) They were given out to the lovely Kat, Rose Marie and Alanna.

A New Session is now starting up for March and April and their were two beauties that I could really make a little happier! Those two schoalrships went to Nina and Ashley.

If you yourself or anyone you know is in need of a little help to make things easier or you just really feel like they deserve it please contact me ASAP at anytime through out the year! Help me continue to make a difference and spread some love through out the conpany even further! Contact me today!!!


With Much Love and Light,

Candace Aldridge Sanchez