Events > Colleena Shakti 10 Hr Intensive Weekend & Show (Nov 9 - 10, 2013 10:00am - 3:30pm)
  • Event: Colleena Shakti 10 Hr Intensive Weekend & Show
  • Date: Nov 9 - 10, 2013 10:00am - 3:30pm
  • Location: Dancin' Stars Studio 7757 Edmonds St, Burnaby
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**PLEASE NOTE Location change for workshops, detailed below**

Luciterra is beyond thrilled to present, inspiring teacher and dancer Colleena Shakti!

The Show: Friday, Nov 8th at the Wise Hall - 1882 Adanac St. @ Victoria Drive.

The Intensive Weekend
Saturday Nov 9th, 10am -4pm (with 1 hour break)
Sunday Nov 10th, 9:30am - 3:30pm (with 1 hour break)
Dancin' Stars Studio
7757 Edmonds St, Burnaby

Registration will open mid-July.
Please mark this special weekend in your calendar!!!!


This Immersion workshop presents a fusion of old and new, folk and classical, Indian and belly dance. Colleena shares her unique style as it has evolved for over a decade of dance experience in Rajasthan where she lives performing in royal palaces for Maharajas, dancing with ‘Gypsies’, training in (Odissi and Kathak) classical Indian dances and studing Yoga.

The focus in this Indian Fusion Immersion will center around the lecture topic: ‘Nautchwali’ and develop related dance techniques and choreographed phrases for a cohesive introduction to Indian dance and fusion.

Inspired by the opulent and elegant court dancers of Rajasthan, this lecture will investigate ‘Nautchwali’s’ or ‘Tawaifs’; dancing girls who ranged from ‘Gypsy’ type street performers, to highly educated and refined court dancers employed by Maharajas and Moghal Kings across North India.Historical costuming, evolution of folk to classical, Moghul / Persian influences and Indian aesthetic theory is introduced in the lecture section of this workshop.

DANCE TECHNIQUES: Kathak Classical dance
The dance training section is introduced through exercises in the techniques of North Indian classical dance - Kathak, as well as Persian and Rajasthani folk dance. Kathak classical dance technique is meticulous with detail, as the dancer is required to adhere to classical lines and react instantly to the complex rhythmic patterns, yet remain very relaxed and at ease.

Kathak basic techniques to be introduced and drilled are: Footwork on 16 count teental, arm patterns, rapid spins and tihayi’s (rhythmic compositions). Clean lines of Kathak postures and movements will be drilled so the subtle intricacies of hand and eye movement, accents and expression are highlighted and not lost.

The most vivid quality of North Indian dance is the spinning! We will spend sufficient time on widening our turn repertoire cleaning your technique and application of turns in dance, overcome your resistances and understand the mechanics in stylistic differences. Introducing turns from: Classical Indian, Sufi, Ballet, Central Asian / Persian, Rajasthani ‘Gypsy’ and MORE! Learn North Indian classical technique with the feet to control your turns, transitions, endurance, traveling and trance inducing turns.

INDIAN FUSION: Drawing it all together gracefully
A final choreographic section will pull together students new understanding of Indian aesthetic movements can logically embellish their belly dance repertoire. ‘Ethical, informed fusion’ as well as ‘tradition verses innovation’ will be discussed. Experimentation in Colleena’s Indian Fusion aesthetic will be explored to encourage students to see how self-expression and innovation can in fact happen without destroying the integrity of traditional aesthetic values.

Dance class will begin with a Yoga warm up and meditative exercises, warm up, some strength training and continue into techniques and finally choreographic phrases.

Please bring a yoga mat if you like, a large skirt for spinning, hip belt for belly dance sections and a notebook for the lecture section.