Events > Harmony BellyDance Co. presents Cera Byer Workshops & Show (Feb 8 - 9, 2014)
  • Event: Harmony BellyDance Co. presents Cera Byer Workshops & Show
  • Date: Feb 8 - 9, 2014
  • Location: Harmony Studios & Alternative Healing / Vibe Street Dance
  • Contact: Candace Aldridge Sanchez (Phone: 250-858-0825)
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I am incredibly honored to announce that for the first time, Cera Byer will be coming to Victoria, BC to teach workshops and perform in a Gala show.

Cera Byer has a jam-packed resumé peppered with years of wildly diverse choreography, dance, theater, and music-video experience. Growing up amid San Francisco's bustling performing-arts scene, Byer began dancing early and often, and has studied and taught extensively both abroad and in the United States, exploring styles including jazz, musical theater, hip hop, bellydance, flamenco, afro-caribbean, and more.
Cera's choreography, classes, coaching, and workshops help individuals & artists connect with themselves and deliver the best performance possible.
She holds a degree in Dance Performance & Choreography with an emphasis on World Music & Dance from San Francisco State University.

I am equally as excited to announce that Cera will be Co-Headlining in an Incredible Evening Gala Show with Ruby Beh. Ruby is internationally recognized for her passionate, untamed dance style and is being hosted by Laura Filipovic.
It is a joint and fully connected weekend of BellyDance sure to fill the senses inside out. If you are interested in immersing yourself in a full weekend of Intensive dance, riddled with multiple styles please contact either candace at or Laura at
(workshops will not overlap if you are interested in both artists)

Link for RUBY BEH Workshops :)

Western Technique for an Eastern Dance
Saturday, February 8th
1:30 - 4:30pm
Technique doesn't just stop at pops and locks. If you have your eye on fusing belly dance with western dance forms, you might need to know a tendu from a degage, or how to layer grand plié with alternating rib circles, or maybe a pique turn to go with your arab-esque. In this two-part class we will explore and drill the basics of jazz and ballet technique with bellydance layering to help you find limitless lines and endless traveling potential. Posture, alignment, traveling, level changes, leaving the floor and finding the floor, will all be covered in this expansive course. Find some lines to go with your locks!

Fusion Bellydance Choreo & Combos
Sunday, February 9th
10:00am - 1:00pm
In this intense technique workshop you will be led through a thorough series of full body warm ups that challenge you to move - from belly dance, to hip hop, to jazz, to contemporary, to Indian, to Persian - around the world and back again, across the floor combinations, and finally a fusion choreography from Cera's performance repertoire.

Pricing Before December 1, 2013:
Whole Weekend (6 hours): $135
Saturday (3 hours): $75
Sunday (3 hours): $75

After December 1, 2013:
Whole Weekend: $165
Saturday: $90
Sunday: $90
*Payment plans available
*Sorry, no refunds

Contact: Candace Aldridge Sanchez (250) 858-0825