Events > Ashley Lopez in Vancouver BC (Sep 6 - 7, 2014)
  • Event: Ashley Lopez in Vancouver BC
  • Date: Sep 6 - 7, 2014
  • Location: Scotiabank Dance Centre 677 Davie St, Downtown Vancouver
  • Contact: Luciterra
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All workshops take place at:


Scotiabank Dance Centre


677 Davie St, Downtown Vancouver


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Whole Weekend (8 hours)


Early bird price (ends July 20): $220*


Regular price (begins July 21): $250*


Payment plan offer has expired (available until July 25)


 Saturday September 6 (4 hours)




12-2pm: Get Low


3-5pm: On the Up and Up





Sunday September 7 (4 hours)




10am-12pm: Cruisin': Traveling with Style


1-3pm: Tight Locks and Luscious Layers




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Workshop Details:


Saturday September 5


12-2pm: Get Low

This workshop will take you through the many facets of the lower body. Hips, feet, balance, levels, turns, traveling steps. You’re in for some buns of steel in this one, and rockin’ thighs to boot. We’ll do some serious leg strengthening, drilling, then we’ll stretch you out—let’s work on those splits! Play with amis, shimmies, dance steps, lots of locks, little combinations, and more!


3-5pm: On the Up and Up

Say hellooooo to your arms and upper body! We’re gonna work with all kinds of stuff specifically in the chest/ribs, arms, shoulders, hands, head and FACE. Many belly dancers struggle with what to do with their arms, or how to go about strengthening them. How about breaking the “crazy hand” habit, or how to speed up those head slides? Prepare to have those mysteries unraveled in this workshop. Head-chest-shoulders-arms…Get ready to rock ‘em!



Sunday September 6


10am-12pm: Cruisin': Traveling with Style

Gearing up for a smooth ride. Standing in one place doing a fabulous chest circle certainly has its place, but what about when you try to move around or turn with those isolations, shimmies and shapes? Be a badass on the road, making fancy feet from simple patterns, layering footwork, smooth turns, rumbling shimmies, and sharp stops. This workshop is a study of beautiful technique that goes somewhere. Riders, start your engines.


1-3pm: Tight Locks and Luscious Layers

This is a high-energy class, not designed for the faint of heart! Expect to sweat.

Which muscles are used for hip locks, or chest pops? What about twisting the hips, or chest slides? Sharpen your isolations and learn to multitask by putting them on top of one another in this workshop. We will be working through the anatomy of each lock and isolation so that you’re aware of which muscles are used to fuel the movement. And if you don’t get it right away, don’t worry, we’ll do each move enough times so that the burning tells you what you’re working!

What is layering? How in the world does one ever figure out how to do two of these things at once? Why are certain moves harder to layer than others? What moves are best to begin learning layering with? We’ll practice slow layers, fast layers, traveling layers and POLYRHYTHMIC layers (What!? Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon…)

This workshop is intended to be physically and intellectually challenging. Various levels of difficulty will be offered so that participants can practice at their own pace.