Events > Looking for LOVE? She's Only in Seattle! (Jul 26 - 27, 2008)
  • Event: Looking for LOVE? She's Only in Seattle!
  • Date: Jul 26 - 27, 2008
  • Contact: Helen Wheels



Helenwheels is honored to present ~
Bellydance Superstar MARDI LOVE in Seattle July 2008!

Mardi Love returns next summer to teach more of her signature style and original choreographies that influenced an entire genre of tribal fusion bellydance!  As far as I know, Seattle is the *first* and *only* city to get a second round of Mardi's solo workshops (the full 8 hours without The Indigo).  She likes us!  She REALLY likes us!!  Yippeeeee!!!!

Unfortunately, due to competition in scheduling, I had to take July 26-27th or risk not getting her at all in '08.  That's right - sandwiched between Med Fest and Tribal Quest NW.  We are still holding on to the option of moving to... the holiday weekend, July 5-6th.  Argh!  But I figure if anyone can draw a successful workshop on these less-than-ideal dates, it's Miz Love!  Please, prove me right! 

Mardi (and Rachel) will not be performing in the BDSS show when it rolls around here in March. :-(  So this will be your only chance to see Mardi in the NW.  If you start budgeting now, you'll be fine!  ;-) 

As always, my loyal mailing list will be the first to know when the dates are confirmed and information is ready.  Just wanted to give you the heads up with all these fabulous workshops being announced lately! 

Happy dancing,

Proud sponsor of Mardi Love  July/2008
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