Events > The 8 Elements - Rachel Brice (Oct 11 - 15, 2010 11:00am - 9:00pm)
  • Event: The 8 Elements - Rachel Brice
  • Date: Oct 11 - 15, 2010 11:00am - 9:00pm
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Contact: Sol and Rachel



The 8 elements covered in this week-long intensive:


We will integrate yoga and dance sequences that help safely prepare you for belly dance, and learn principles that will help you increase your flexibility, strength, and impeccable posture.


Develop strong technique using the fundamental shapes in belly dance: the foundation on which all of your other work will rest.


Learn the elements that make a belly dance "move," and begin to create your own movement vocabulary using a variety of concepts to make varied and dynamic phrases.


Create dances by developing and manipulating motifs. Learn a method to create an infinite number of interesting and unique choreographies using the building blocks and your newly crafted vocabulary.


Develop engaging improvisation regardless of performance experience. Learn the principles of captivating improvisation, and experiment to your heart's delight in a safe environment, facilitated by a seasoned improviser.


Developing a strong personal practice is essential to consistent progression in dance. Learn the principles of sequencing, goal setting, and accurate assessment.

COSTUME CAFE (Wednesday Evening)

Costume is your first communication with the audience and is a key element in the presentation of your work. The group will meet in the evening to discuss such subjects as: sourcing materials, generating ideas, compassionate costume choices, inspiration versus imitation, and discovering your own style.

PERFORMANCE (Friday Evening)

Gain experince in a safe environment to try out your newly acquired skills. Group dances and improvisation based on the week's teachings will be shared by participants, for participants. The emphasis will be on light-hearted, relaxed and casual performance (no costumes please, day clothes only). Only participants of the workshop and their families will be present in order to foster a supportive and intimate performance experience.

About Rachel Brice:

Rachel Brice is a contemporary innovator of Tribal Fusion Style Belly Dance. She is founder, co-director, and a choreographer for The Indigo Belly Dance Company. The Indigo has been touring its full-length ragtime-vaudevillian-extravaganza "Le Serpent Rouge" since 2007. She was a frequent performer with the internationally renowned Bellydance Superstars for its first 5 years.

Having performed and toured nationally and internationally since 2003, Brice has also made numerous guest appearances on Bellydance Superstars DVDs, and a mulititude of television and radio appearances worldwide, most notably Live with Regis and Kelly in the US and Blue Peter in England.

Rachel Brice holds a BA degree in Dance Ethnology, was certified to teach yoga by Erich Schiffman, and is an alumni of American Viniyoga Institute's Teacher Training Program '08. She has released 3 instructional videos focusing on Yoga and Belly Dance, and continues to teach and perform all over the world. Her newest DVD "Serpentine" was released internationally in May 2010 by World Dance New York.

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