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Q: When do classes start? How much do they cost?

A: Click through to the Classes page for a full schedule. Click the [Price/Join] links for the price of each class and to sign up through Harmony Studios & Alternative Healing.


Q: Can you dance at my wedding/event/bachelorette party?

A: Yes! Include the date and time of your event, a description of the dance space (will there be a stage space, dancefloor, or is it restaurant-style?), and any other information so we can plan an appropriate dance set. Candace will respond as soon as she can.


Q: Do you do private one on one lessons and/or private group functions?

A: Absolutely! Prices are different and vary for private lessons. Please send me an email for the exact costs.


Q: Do you teach All ages? Do you have Childrens Classes?

A: In my adult classes I usually take 15 and up, however if a mother/daughter wants to join I have had as young as 11. I will also be starting up a childrens class in the near future, ages 5-10, Check back soon!




I started dancing with Harmony Belly Dance three years ago, and from the moment I joined I felt a wonderful sense of community and support amongst all the women who dance there. I have a background in dance but had not danced since my children were I hadn't danced in 19 years! It was scary for me. I felt really self conscious especially with my changed body. Dancing with Candace has been so liberating. She is a patient,supportive and kind teacher who takes the time to explain moves to the best of her ability. The atmosphere in the studio is one of unconditional support, love and fun. It doesn't matter how old you are, what your body type is, what your level of dance expertise is...ALL are supported equally. I LOVE dancing at Harmony Belly Dance and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to get in touch with their body and spirit through this form of dance.

Sarina Chauhan




Candace at Harmony Dance Studios is an integral part of my dance journey. I am continually encouraged to move forward with my personal dance expression in a safe, caring environment.  Candace is giving, helpful and extremely insightful.  I am so honoured to be learning from such a knowledgeable source.  I look forward to years of dance with Harmony Dance Studio.

--Dana Hughes




I joined Harmony Belly Dance studio in September 2012 just looking for something new to try.  When I searched belly dance in Victoria I found Harmony Studio website and found it to be a very attractive website that made we want to join this studio. After meeting Candace and taking a few lessons and attending a belly dance show Candance performed in I knew I had found my new favorite thing. Candance is such an amazing teacher and I have learned so many skills and techniques from her already. She takes her time to explain every different move and how each muscle is "suppose" to react to give you that amazing look.  I love her coreographys and classes and plan to keep dancing with Harmony Studio as long as I am in Victoria.
-Cara French-Springer, Harmony Studio Belly Dance Student