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Scarlet Lux Coming to Victoria on October 14/15th 2017

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez, August 15th, 2017

Candace is over the moon to be hosting the super delicous duo that is, Scarlet Lux. Sally and Angelina are one of the hottest, dynamic and beyond talented Belly Dance companies on the lower mainland and they are coming here!!!! A weekend packed with workshops taking us into our past, weaving us through time, connecting us to our bodies, embracing music, diversity, the mesmerizing tones of finger cymbals and their own individual knowledge and specialties in this dance form. Topping the weekend off with a good ol evening hafla, for all to come and dance, share and connect our community! Sign up Today!! Spaces are limited! Continue Reading to find out more about Scarlet Lux.... Read

Harmony BellyDance Co. ~ Things are Changing

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez, August 15th, 2017

It should come as no surprise that after seventeen years of Belly Dancing, fourteen years of teaching and six years of owning Harmony Dance Studio that things are about to change. Well that's not true, things are always changing, yes?! Well they are for me, sometimes I see it and feel it all happening and sometimes things change and it simply takes 'Me' time to catch up. Well that is what is happening right now, i'm catching up to all that has changed and all that needs to change. Are you curious? I sure on the link and follow me through this new journey or happily continued journey, if you may Read

Harmony BellyDance Co. Christmas Show 2015

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez, November 9th, 2015

Well here we are, another year gently coming to an end. We've had lots of amazing adventures here at Harmony BellyDance Co. International workshops with the talented Kami Liddle and Mardi Love. New Babies born into the company of dance, baby Harley to Candace and newest baby Ebrima born to Cara. A delightful Spring student show, wonderful community events and now to end it all off with a bang, our Annual Christmas Student Show. Keep reading to find out more.... Read

2015 Registration OPEN ~ New Sessions starting January 5th 2015

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez, December 29th, 2014

So excited to announce that class start back up next week. Here is the schedule at a quick glance. 2015 Schedule January thru February (all classes 8 weeks long except Monday is 7 weeks) Monday: Jan 5 - Feb 23 (No Class Feb 9th - Family Day) $105 Tuesday: Jan 6 - Feb 24 $120 Wednesday: Jan 7 - Feb 25 $120 Thursday: Jan 8 - Feb 26 $120 Saturday: Jan 10 - Feb 28 $120 Level 1, 2, 3, Advanced, American Tribal Style and Bellyfit® + Bellyfit® Flow Please email me at for further information and to register. Classes are already filling up so make sure you sign up today! Cheers and Happy New Year!!! Read

2015 A New Year with New Adventures!

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez, December 28th, 2014

Well here we are coming to end of 2014, an amazing year filled with all kinds of New for Harmony BellyDance and Director Candace Aldridge Sanchez. It was our honor to have a huge year in hosting, starting the first of the year with a Co-Hosted weekend where Laura Filipovic hosted Ruby Beh and Candace hosted Cera Byer. A little later on Candace was able bring to this beautiful Island the talented, creative and innovative Mardi Love...shortly there after followed by the Epic weekend filled with nothing but Rachel Brice and then topping it all off with her mentor and dear friend, Mira Betz ~ taking on a 5 Day Performance Intensive! Phiew, its a bit tiring just writing about it :) Some of it was planned and some of it just fell into her lap after many many years of trying to host a few of these incredibly talented women. Feeling a burst of abundance through dance in her life, Candace has settled things down a little for 2015 - well at least in the World of Dance here on the Island...Curious at all as to who she will be hosting this year? Read on to find out more... Read

Registration Open ~ Fall 2014 Classes

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez, September 2nd, 2014

As our weather starts to shift, the days become a little less long, the temperatures start to average a little less then hot and colours through out Victoria shift and change from Reds to Oranges and Yellows...The feeling of Fall surely is settling in. Its time to put a few more layers on, snuggle into a blanket and a nice hot tea in the evenings...nestle in for the night with a great book or incredible music drifting through the air. Its time to settle back into slightly more predictable routines and get back on track with our passions and delights. You know what im talking about, well atleast in my World and quite possibly YOURS....BellyDance!!!! Please, feel free to read on and find out more about Fall classes, events and whats going on in this great city of ours. Happy Dancing All :) Candace xox Read

Rachel Brice Workshops Still Available - May 30th 4-6:00pm

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez, May 22nd, 2014

Friday 4:00 - 6:00 (2 Hours) $75 Chop Chop! Screamin’ Combos and Double Time Drills In this two hour class, we’ll play with a few up-tempo combinations that Rachel’s worked up in the last few months. The emphasis will be on precision, timing and keeping posture while pushing beyond your perceived limits in a supportive and fun environment. One year of belly dance experience required (it goes fast!) but it should be a challenge for any level. All new material for your enjoyment. Please bring a water bottle, a yoga mat and a small towel. Contact me at to reserve your spot today! Read

RACHEL BRICE in Victoris, BC!! May 30/31, June 1st 2014

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez, January 30th, 2014

Registration opens at 8am FRIDAY morning.! HOW TO REGISTER - PLEASE READ THIS!! 1. Email me at and tell me exactly what you are wanting - short and sweet please. 2. I WILL EMAIL YOU BACK to confirm your space in the workshops and exactly what you are able to have - depending on numbers you may get all or partial of what you are hoping for. 3. In this email you will receive instructions on how to pay. You will need to make your first payment or full payment within 1 week to hold your reserved spot. Deadline for that date is February 7th. 4. If necessary, I will start a waiting list in order of time/dates emails are received. And just for a little encouragement if that did happen. Trust me, its amazing how much can change between now and then 5. Reminder: There are absolutely no refunds. However, you will receive details on how to go about selling your spot in the email I send out.  Read

Harmony Studios and Alternative Healing

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez, June 18th, 2013

Harmony Studios & Alternative Healing Home of Harmony BellyDance Company 734 Aldebury Street Victoria BC V9A 5T4 Please Open up further to find a map and full detailed location of where we are :) Cheers Read

Harmony Studios and Alternative Healing's Open House, April 14th 2013

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez, February 28th, 2013

Harmony Studios & Alternative Healing are having their first open house this April 14th 2013, 11:00am - 4:00pm. Our location is 734 Aldebury Street, Suite# 203. Please come on out and join us for day of fun, laughter, good chats, exercise and snacks. Please continue to read on for further details about our event.  Read

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