Harmony BellyDance Co. ~ Things are Changing

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez,
August 15th, 2017

Well hello there...

So it seems your curious after all, like I said...Me Too!


As i was saying...

Im catching up to all that has changed and all that needs to change. I am growing constantly, ebbing and flowing through this miraculous life, through my dance training, finding out who I am, what I want, what it is that I have to offer. What im REALLY passionate about.


Ive finally decided to make some big changes that really should have been made a long time ago, funny though, I doubt they're big to anyone else :) That's the funny thing about life, it just is what it is to each individual in that exact moment in time. And probably not much of anything to someone else....guess that's why its called 'Our' journey and not 'someone' else's journey.


So, what are they you might ask? Well let me share some of it with you, shall I?!

First, its the way you pay. You will now pay monthly instead of every two months. Instead of paying for a 'session' of dance classes that last two months long, im entering the brilliant world of studio/dance company life. I will now be acting as a dance company based on a calendar year. I cannot even tell you how exiting this is to me. Instead of being attached to the confounds of a two month period, the door opens wide wide wide into the infinite possibilities of....well....everything! Things will become more consistent, a flowing journey through dance, no barriers, just dance with the world of it sitting wide open like an oyster. There is also the addition of an All Inclusive price, $170/month for anyone who is already living their weeks at the Harmony Studios to come and take part in as many classes as their hearts desires.

You will however still need to register for a specific class/classes and their are no Drop Ins for dance classes of any kinds.

You can still Drop In to Bellyfit® on Saturdays, 10:30-11:30 for $20 or register at the monthly price.

***Heads Up, as always, No Classes on Monday and Saturday long weekends!

***Always check website for Other Studio Closure dates such as Summer Breaks, Christmas or Special Events!


Second big change, the way the classes are organized and run. Instead of leveling classes, they have now become 'Open' classes. Example: Open Beginners (Level 1 & 2) and Open Intermediate (Level 3 through Advanced). I had this epiphony that people were choosing to take my classes based on availability rather then 'Level' and perhaps what suited them best from a learning stand point etc. At first, of course, we want to fight this...No, you should start at the beginning like everyone else and No, you cannot move up because it is way to soon, etc etc etc. The thing about this is its really very stifling, controlling and perhaps quite closed minded. Yes, in other dance forms, art forms, music etc we start at the very beginning and there is a way we learn, years in service before fill in the blank....BUT...times are changing, what im doing is perhaps different and I see a different way. Turns out ive been doing it for years, teaching multiple level dance classes to accommodate everyone in the room. And you know what, ive become a really good dance teacher for it. Feeling out a room, knowing the dancers and each individual as their own and where 'they' are at in their dance journey. Its amazing what can happen when you remove the barriers, 'the way' things are supposed to be done attitude and just step out of the box. Is it harder for me? Well yes, sometimes, but its ok, I accept the challenge and this journey I am on and am grateful to offer an environment where anyone can come learn at anytime and simply jump in. It also creates a beautiful strong community of woman, open to one another, helping one another, making new friends and also allowing space for all people of all kinds to be an equal rather then less then! Its completely brilliant to watch it all take place. Grateful I am, Indeed!


Third big change, I am now offering a full Jamila Salimpour format program to go along side the other genres of BellyDance that I teach.

Honestly, this might be the most exciting change for me and the longest one coming! I am so deeply passionate about the Salimpour family and the Salimpour School of Dance, there are no words really. To be able to share this format with my direct dance community on Vancouver Island gives me the tingles, it sends me back in time when I was not yet born and connects me to this dance form like nothing else! When I dance Jamila's dance, I am a dancer, I am Me, I am a Belly Dancer and time simply stand stills. It is electric and beautiful, it is freeing and vast...it is Perfection at its finest. There will be two classes, All Salimpour All the Time on Wednesday nights, 6-7:30 and the Khamsa Collective on Tuesday night 6-7:15.


You will see many more changes but the above are the real big ones, well to me anyways. Life is simply amazing, the good, the bad, the ugly. It all makes us exactly who we are today! And how awesome is that, little light beings just wondering through time, learning and slowly becoming the best versions of ourselves we can. I hope that you are feeling as inspired as I am, that you are enjoying 'Your Journey' through life and I really just cant wait to get back into the classroom with You! Take care, enjoy your summer and Ill see you real soon in the early fall, or as I like to call it, late Summer!


Always, Candace



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