With Me

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez,
December 28th, 2014

With Me
Choreography by Candace Aldridge Sanchez

4 cts Opening Sequence
Hold 1-4, Fg8 U-D db R (56), Und D-U (78,12), Rc O CCW db R (34), Und U-D (56), Int Hip O CCW db R (78)
Walk RLR in front (12), Level ↓ arms ↑ (34), Level ↑ arms ↓ (56), R rev turn (78)
Low Arm Und I-O db R (look away L) (1-4),  R cross over turn (arms ↑) look ↑ (56), Und U-D hands to temples (78) look ↓

:14 ~ 4 cts Moving accents (please see video for arms/hands)
Hip down RL, Lift leg & Point toes (polarity), step R cross open w/ Shldr RL, Hip down RL, Step L cross open w/ Rc ↑↓ , Hip down LR, step over into RL F8 U-D, Pv BF, Und D-U, 1/2 Rc O under R, under L, Rc O CCW db R, Shldr R fwd/back, R cross over turn, L hip ↓↑, L cross over turn, R Hip ↓↑

:28 ~ 4 cts Whistle (Please see video)
*Please note: Hip work is db R↓ - Hips are equal on L and R

:43 ~ 4 cts Ahahaha (Please see video)

:57 ~ 4 cts Kazoo (Hips db R down into Fg8 Shimmy sequence)
(Please see video)

1:11 ~ 4 cts Bass (Big Accents and movement)
- Pause for first set, R Hip ↑ x 4, ↓ x 2, step L turn R cross over diagonal L moving up performance angle into Pv BF (looking down), Und D-U, Accent Rc F, Look Up
Step up through R performance angle across stage R L into R toes point (polarity) pose
Step into weight of R ft with Shldr Triangle ↓F back up, look away
L Shldr Roll into Arm Und I-O, L Hip ↑↑, Step R ft L cross over turn, Hip ↑ RL

1:28 ~ 4 cts Ticking
R shldr/ R hip - up/down
Head R/L
Chest/Pelvis - up/down
Chest/Hip sq. DB R CCW(1-8,12)

1:28 - 4 cts Ticking Cont’d
Pelvic front, Chest Down/Up3,45, UND U2D 678
Fifi R side, R Side UND, Shldr R R - 8
L Arm UND O-I, Rc F F, Hip Twist R L, over L over R - 8

1:40 ~ 4 cts New into 4 more cts New
Vib. Shimmy arms up to 5th, Point R toe (L perf. ang) open arms, Arm Und RL
Shldr Shimmy over L shldr, then over R, Vib. Shimmy arms up to 5th (face back)

Hips ↑ db R, then L, Twist db R (working in 5’s), F8 U-D RLRL, D-U LR
Over R Shldr R hip ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓, R x over turn, arms up 5th w/ F8 U-D RL, Und D-U

2:10 ~ Repeat Accents (:14)
*Everyone moving outwards in a box/rectangle formation

2:24 ~ 4 cts New Slow
F8 U-D RLR, Int Hip O CCW db R
R rev turn to back, Pose in long angular/diagonal line
R rev side Und into opp diagonal line, Arm Und O-I db R into I-O L into Und U-D (profile L arm out in front)
Und U-D (L arm pulling up thru centre to top), sinking down into L ft popped up/L fingers to temple (use this last count to change your direction - random)

2:38 ~ Repeat (Ahahaha)
Everyone facing a random direction

2:54 ~ Repeat (Kazoo into F8 Shimmy Sequence)
Everyone facing a random direction

3:08 ~ Repeat (Bass Big Accents with Movement)

3:23 ~ Slight repeat - Just need to finish these 3 cts and ending :)
Slide Whistle Repeat 8 - See Video

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