Lost & Found/Jewels & Jems

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez,
December 28th, 2014

Lost & Found into Jewels & Jems

Choreography by Candace Aldridge Sanchez

Intro: Stillness and Movers to :24

:24 Everyone starts to move around, trying to find their way in the darkness

:35 Choreography starts
Hands and eyes up on 1, hands come down 234, on 4 they are in front of face and start to open up in polarity with hips moving back 56, on 7 the hands undulate inwards to body and then back out with UND U-D 8, 123, ending in  bottom of UND and Right toe out/lifted and pointed on 4,
step R foot centre and L foot out to side 56 (Right hand undulates in front, L side) into long stretched pose R foot off ground, extending leg almost full, Right arm opening up and out over head, L down and out hip (78,123)
Step R foot down on 4, pivot around to R side on 5 into pose, 6 Hips back R arm up curved over head (r aplm down) and L arm down and curved up (palm up), UND D-U, hips come forward 78, Lift into snooty pose 12,
Rc O CCW db R 34, Side Und R 56, Figurehead Pose w/ 2 UND U-D 7&8& (arms at side, L leg bent and up with no movement)

:60 4 cts
2 cts Improv - Expanding and Contracting 2 x
2 cts Choreo:
UND U-D 12, Pv B 3, Pv F 4, Hips ↑ RL &5, F8 L 6,
R Hip ↓↑ Pv F/ L Hip ↑ 7&8& (level down)
1/2 Ext Hip O CCW db R 12 (level up), rev side Und 34, slide top portion in on 5, R Shldr Roll Back 6, Look L 7, Fall into Side Und L 8&

1:23 2 cts 8 All with Vibration Shimmy except last 4 cts (arm Unds)
L angle Und U-D, L arm Und O-I into L Hook to face the back
L Side Und (R arm ↑), L arm Und O-I, R arm Und I-O (bring body into angle and look over R shldr into your L perf angle facing audience)



Jewels & Jems

4 - All with Shimmy

Slide R Hip, Slide L Hip, Slide RL, Und D-U/Shldrs
R angle Shldrs, L angle Shldrs, Centre Shldrs, Und D-U (hips) arms up thru centre to 5th, point R toes fwd
Throw arms to R, step R, L point, Throw arms to L, step L, R point, cross R foot over turn (arms up to 5th), arms down to shldrs
R Rev side Und, L Rev side Und, turn to L with R hip slide front, L hip slide to back, Rc slide RLRL

4 - Bass :)  :19
- Booty Hip O CCW db L, turning to L side 12, turn to back 34, 2 more quicker to front 56, Rc Slide RLRL
- Rc O CCW db R, turn to R side 12, turn to back 34, turn to front quicker 56, Shldr Shimmy 3/4 RLRLR
Step R or L F8 U-D 12, 34, quick RL or LR 56m Big 1/2 Ext Hip OCW db L, L foot passe
Step L angle with Shldr Roll fwd L 12, Shldr R 34, LR 56, Shldr Roll back into Und U-D 7&8& (arms up over head) R foot passe

4 - High Tones  :37
Step R, L behind, R out, L Passe w/ 3/4 hips, repeat L
Step on profile R ft to audience, L behind, R out, L passe, repeat L but moving straight to back end in R kicked behind/look over L shldr
Over F8 w/ 3/4 hips RLR, Pv F, Over F8 w 3/4 hips LRL, release R ft front point
Face front hip shimmy slide RL, point front R toes leg straight Und D-U
Shldr Shimmy Und U-D (arms 5th), Fig 8 U-D L, Hip O?, Step R Fig 8 U-D, L step out (little rev side und) Und D-U (L hand at head/R out)

4 - Flute with Bass  :57
F8 RL, Pv F, Und D-U, Rc O CCW db R, Shldr up/down RLR
Shldr Shimmy over right shldr to L perf angle, RC F - R toe out and pointed
R hand snake into Und U-D end in pose
Hip O CW db L, Rc O CW db L (open R elbow/arm) into R perf angle
Head O, Rc O, Hip O (All CW db L), L Hip/L Shldr F8 D-U db F, Pose
4 - High Tones Repeat 1:16 (Slightly Different and facing different directions) See Video ** Stay Flat footed
Step R, L behind, R out, L Passe w/ 3/4 hips Shldrs Fwd.Rc B, repeat L - end with R Hip ↓
Step on profile R ft to audience, L behind, R out, L passe L Shldr Fwd/R Hip ↑, repeat L but moving straight to back end in Pose sinking, arms up to 5th
F8 w/ 3/4 hips RL, Und D-U release R ft front point
Over Shldr w 3/4 LR, Und U-D (arms up to 5th) L Passe
F8 w/ 3/4 hips, Booty O CW db R
Hip Shimmy Slide RL, Pose facing front - Point R toes

4 - Start Repeat 1:35 (Use Directions)

4 - Bass Repeat 1:55 (Partners)
* Bum to Bum  * Chest away

4 - High Tones Repeat 2:14

4 - Flute and Bass Repeat

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