2015 A New Year with New Adventures!

by Candace Aldridge Sanchez,
December 28th, 2014

So, as I was saying earlier...here we are coming to a close in 2014 and what a year as you have already read. It goes without saying I feel, that with all these amazing Ups there has been a lot of difficult times this year with so many loved ones of my own and many others of who I do not know. I wish for us all as we come to a New Years Close and a New Years beginning, that we can continue to stay connected, keep the Love close and be there for one another....to make 2015 a more gentle year, perhaps with less heart ache, less illnesses and a stronger sense of one within us All.


I sit here writing this on the eve of December 28th, 6 and a bit months pregnant with our second blessed being...looking into the future, looking into 2015 and wonder, what is it that I really want for next year....and it is simple....I desire but a few things in this New Year to come...


I wish for a beautiful healthy baby to come into this World and join our family of 3, to bring their amazing soul into our lives and share all that they have to offer in choosing us as their family of Love. I wish for stability, if even for a little while ~ I know, without change there is no growth...its just that there has been a lot of 'Growth' this year, lol...so a little stability, Yes and Please :) I also desire some simplicity, a little more 'Me' time if there is any to be had, More precious time with my family who I LOVE with all my heart and lastly, for this amazing dance community of ours to continue to grow and become even more connected!!


As for dance, it is a different kind of year for me....No Cues & Tattoos, No Tribal Fest...Not a lot of travel for training (you know, I will have to get in a little ;) however, I have lots of other plans to help keep things fun and exciting around here...wouldn't be me if I didn't id say...


My performing groups and I have already been working on our Collaboration piece for Cues & Tattoos...although I said I wouldn't be there, I will be sending my amazing Ruby Ruffles and TangleWood ladies to represent Harmony BellyDance Co., train as they love to do and show all the dancers what we have going on over here on the Island. So, that's what the first 2-3 months will look like for me...getting my beauties ready, teaching them the rest of the Collaboration piece that they will be performing over in Seattle and making sure that they feel 110% about it all without me, they say, 'Their Fearless leader'....gah, it will be so hard to be here with out them...Ive already figured out that someone will be skyping me in from over there...even if I am in labor :) heehee


Then as you read, ill be, you know, having a baby :) Is it a Girl or is it a Boy? Not too much longer til we find out!!! Woohoo




My Announcements for the Year are as Follows...


I will be hosting two lovely ladies in 2015...First up...Miss KAMI LIDDLE on June 12/13/14th 2015 and after that...Miss MIRA BETZ on September 25/26/27th. Both weekends will be full with Workshops, a Gala Show and Private Sessions being offered through out.


Its going to be a fun filled year on many different levels and I am truly excited about it all...I have to say...my one crazy thing I am aiming for...Level 1 Certification in the Jamila Format and my level 2 in the Suhaila Format at the Mothership in the summer time...and YES, I Know...I started with...my one crazy thing...hehehe


Anyhoo, Much Love to YOU ALL from Myself and My Beautiful Family to You and Yours!


Happy New Year in 2015 ~ Its gonna be Good People ~ Its gonna be Real Good :)





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