TangleWood is an American Tribal Style performance group comprised of 5 dancers, Amanda, Candace, Dana, Debs and Kat. They have been dancing & performing together for 6 years now. There years of dance experience range from 4-13 years & each performer brings their own personal flair to the group. As an American Tribal Style troupe, we are always pushing the boundaries on where ATS can go, how it can expand and be more, kissing the edge of both improvisation and choreographed phrases to keep our style creative, innovative and always exciting! TangleWood is known for the diversity within this format, as innovators within it and always up the gaming. They now hold in their repertoire within the format, finger cymbals, swords, baskets and tambourines. They are finger cymbal afficionados and can never be learning enough about them, new rhythms, where to add them within the format and constantly pushing themselves to do what they cannot. With a deep love for this dance style and passion for performing it for others, they are an electric group of woman on and off stage.


The Khamsa Collective

The Khamsa Collective is a new performance group recently birthed out of a deep need to go back to our roots, go back in time and remember where we came from.Dancing and Performing in the Jamila Format, they are an open performance group comprised at this time of Ashley, Candace, Elaine, Kyra, Remi and Sacha. With a first love in Modern Fusion and and Tribal Fusion BellyDance, these dancers all felt a deep pull, a need to go back and reconnect to something perhaps slightly untouchable, a different time, a different life. They push themselves hard, the pull, the resistance, the differences yet all the subtleties that make them the same yet different. Allowing themselves to fall back in time through dance, to deepen their passion within this form of movement and in return pus them further into their first love of BellyDance. Jamila is Dance. She is times past. She is the Present and our Future. She is BellyDance. And through her and her timeless format, the dance beckons us, it transforms us and carries us to a place where no other can take us....into out hearts of dance!


Harmonys Allure

Harmonys Allure is a Modern Fusion BellyDance performance group. Ashley, Candace, Meghan, Rayna, Sacha and Sarah make them a puzzle in whole. Harmonys Fusion performing troupe is a group of woman who are a devoted, fierce, hard working, fun and powerful troupe. They know when to get down to business and when to toss their shoes off, be silly and completely let loose. Performing together now for almost 4 years, they have become extremely close, impossible to separate and bursting for more. Standing within themselves, striving to be exactly more like themselves, the best version of themselves. They choose to stand in their own, open to creativity and innovation, always wanting more and riding the wonderous waves of change that ebb and flow through time and space. Holding their own as a fiercly dynamic performances group, awing their audiences and constantly leaving them wanting more, this group of womans deep passion for dance and movement bursts for all to see.