Harmony Bellydance Company


Thank you for your interest in Harmony Bellydance our website is undergoing a revamp. The best way to reach Candace is by phone: (250) 858-0825 or at

Harmony BellyDance Company is based in Victoria, BC, Canada and is owned and directed by Candace Aldridge Sanchez. We are located at 734 Aldebury street, Suite #209 in Harmony Dance Studio. Candace offers classes, Beginners through Advanced teachings in Modern Fusion BellyDance, the Jamila Format, American Tribal Style and bellyfit®. She performs with her troupes Harmony Dance Co. The Khamsa Collective and TangleWood throughout Vancouver Island, the lower mainland and is now performing as a soloist and with her troupes internationally. She hosts two Annual Student Shows a year in the Spring and Winter time.



Candace offers...

"To be able to share all that I have learned, to share with others the passion this dance form brings to me is truly the greatest gift. Being able to share with these brilliant beings everyday a form of movement that embraces such beauty, strength, diversity is absolutely empowering not only to myself but to those that choose me as one of their teachers"

"Watching the dancers work their way through the process, the passion igniting inside each of them, bellydance seeping into their souls makes every moment worth all the hard work, for us all. A room electric with energy, friendships being made and bonded for life, a safe place to fall into exactly yourself, exactly as you are meant to be. A place in time where movement fills your entire being, where nothing matters and you can leave everything that it is behind. A moment in time where you are exactly you, a free spirit being, your goddess self, whole!"